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    jewelry Insurance

    Jewelry Coverage- Schedule the Important Stuff

        So How Do You Do This? You have a home policy and you automatically assume if someone steals your wife’s wedding ring and the antique jewelry grandma passed down to her, that it’s covered.  Well possibly, but probably not for what your hoping for. Most home policies (large majority) have very limited jewelry coverage built

    Texas Home Insurance

    Texas Homeowners Insurance Rates | Why So Expensive?

    Texas Homeowners Insurance Rates- How Does Texas Stack Up in 2015?   For many years Texas has had the highest homeowners insurance rates in the nation. This was due to the number of wind and hail storms that cause property damage and the population density throughout TX. According To the Dallas Morning News “Florida and Louisiana

    Do You Know What OPIC Is? Here’s Why You Should…

    OPIC (Office of Public Insurance Counsel) Would you be upset to find out that your floor had rotted out from a slow, undetected water leak from within the wall or floor?   Would you be even more upset if you found out that it wasn’t covered under you home insurance policy?  How upset would you be to

    What Is Replacement Cost & Actual Cash Value? How Does It Affect Me?

    Replacement Cost- Usually defined as paying the cost to replace an insured item at the cost of a similar item with like and kind quality, WITHOUT depreciation for age and condition of the item. Actual Cash Value Usually defined as paying to replace an insured item with like and kind quality WITH depreciation for age and

    Sample Homeowners Insurance Declarations Pages

    The First Number On Your Home Policy (It’s first for a reason) | Dwelling Coverage

        These are sample Declarations Pages, when you look at yours, pay close attention the first number.  Here’s Why:   The number you don’t want to overlook or underestimate. 5 Things You Need To Know About Dwelling Coverage: This is the number that your house insured for. (This is what you will have to

    Top 3 Things You Don’t Know About Life Insurance Through Your Employer

    Eye roll, boring, don’t want to think about it…these are what I envision happens with their inner monologue when the topic of life insurance comes up.  Quite honestly, there is a piece of me that shares those same feelings.  But just like many things in life that are important, we must move beyond that briefly, if only

    With Vacation Season Just Around The Corner…Should You Or Should You Not Purchase The Extra Insurance?

      The Reality There you are at the rental counter ready to start your vacation and your faced with the decision on whether to spend another couple hundred dollars to get the insurance. Enter stage left, the age old question… should you purchase the insurance that the rental car company offers you?  Here is your definitive,

    Texas Workers Compensation | What Most Business Owners Don’t Know (Penalties for not knowing up to $500.00 a day)

    That’s right, the state can issue penalties to employers who reject Workers’ Compensation and fail to notify the State each year. The employer may be assessed a penalty up to $500 for each day of non-compliance. Are you totally lost? Let me back up for a second and tell you the good news.  Texas is (for the most

    The Most Important Consideration on Your Auto Policy

      Liability, Liability, Liability! When talking about the dreaded “auto insurance,” the term “liability” often gets thrown around , but what does liability really mean and why is it so important that you know exactly what it means?  And what limits of liability coverage should you carry? LIABILITY DEFINED (Lehman’s terms) You cause an accident in which you are

    Considering A Lease Back Option On Purchase Of Your New Home? Here’s What You Need To Know…

    If you are about to purchase a home and are considering leasing it back current owner, be sure you discuss your intentions with your insurance agent. Companies will have varying stances in what they can accommodate, and from the consumers stand point, you want to be sure your policy will respond appropriately. Executing a “lease-back”