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The Steve White Insurance Group is here to help businesses in Texas find high-quality Workers Compensation insurance that fits their needs. Get a quote today!

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Steve White Insurance provides Workers Compensation coverage to businesses in Texas.

Workers Compensation Insurance Texas

Getting the right Workers Compensation policy requires understanding coverage needs, coverage options and associated costs. Whatever policy you choose should be well-matched for your particular situation, and that’s what we at Steve White Insurance do. We’re here to help you find the right policy.

We’ll first make sure that any policy our agents suggest matches the protection needs you have. One of our specialized insurance agents will first review your risk exposure, so they can make informed coverage recommendations based on your particular situation. You, of course, ultimately select what’s included in your policy.

With your desired coverages established, our agents can then compare different policies from various insurance companies. They’ll check which policies match your coverage needs, and look at how much each policy costs. This makes it easy to see which option offers the necessary protection at the most affordable rate — and rates for this insurance often are quite affordable.

Moreover, we suggest good policies regardless of what insurance company offers them. We’re not tied to any one insurer, but are an independent agency that’s free to check policies from many insurers operating in Texas. Whereas other agencies might have to favor an insurance company, you can trust that we’re showing you the best policies without regard to what insurer is offering them. We place your interests ahead of any insurer’s.

Leaving things to chance can have disastrous financial consequences, and so too can getting insurance that doesn’t come with the right protections. Avoid both of these mistakes by getting insurance today.

Steve White Insurance

You can contact us at Steve White Insurance to speak with an agent who’ll be able to assist you in finding coverage. We’ve helped many people and businesses in Texas, and we’re ready to help you.

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I trust Steve White with my insurance needs implicitly. I have no doubt he’s found the best rates and policy for my auto and RV insurance. He routinely researches the market and options, and proactively informs me of rate changes and better options that become available.

Lacy M, Google Review

Steve has consistently provided me and my clients with a high level of professionalism and support. His expert advice has aided in the selection of providers and cost effective insurance solutions. I highly recommend him for insurance services.

Wayne B, Google Review

Steve is a knowledgeable professional. I have been using him for over 5 years and he has saved me money and improved my home and auto coverage. When I have had claims, Steve has been there to help walk me through the process. Since Steve is independent, he is always look for better coverage at a better price. I highly recommend Steve White Insurance.

David B, Google Review

I was referred to Steve White from my real estate agent and he was absolutely excellent to work with. Steve is very knowledgeable about all forms of mortgage and auto insurance and he will give you his unbiased opinion about each available option. He was able to organize mortgage insurance quotes from several different companies in order to help us find the best coverage for our price range. I will definitely work with him again for any insurance needs!

Mitch P, Google Review

Steve White with Steve White Insurance Group is wonderful! He is extremely knowledgeable and informative in all types of insurance for personal and business. I have him look at my policies and costs every year to make sure I am getting the best possible coverage for the least cost. He has always gone above and beyond to explain the differences in companies, coverage and what he personally would do if it was his family he was covering.
What I appreciate is he is always open and honest. If he can’t get you better coverage and a better rate he tells you! Because of claims I had with my current insurance company 5 years ago he hasn’t been able to get me a lower cost with the same coverage yet. He is very diligent with following up to see if he can get me a better deal the next year. This might be my year!
I would highly recommend Steve and the Steve White Insurance Group. He treats you like you are part of his family and I trust him to always be open, honest and to give me the best advice when it comes to all things insurance.

Kelly M, Google Review

Steve White is incredibly easy to work with and will not stop at any hurdle to find a good fit for your insurance needs. He is personable and friendly, but also professional and respectful. I was very pleased with my experience with Steve and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for insurance.

Todd P, Google Review