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“Steve White helped us navigate home owners insurance when we were buying our first home. We had a ton of questions and he took the time to walk us through everything. He was super patient and fun to work with”– Kate Hall (Dallas, Texas)

About Me:


I was born in Texas and I love A LOT about this great State.  I love Texas food (breakfast tacos, brisket, and queso), the culture, and I’m a big believer in family being the core of principle of solid community.   I also love to saltwater fish, camp, and on the weekends you can find me a lot of times smoking a brisket or grilling something outside.

As far as my insurance experience and education goes.

My undergrad degree is from UTD (2004), and I began working as an adjuster soon after college. In 2006, I got my Agents license.  Since then, I earned my CIC (Certified Insurance Counselor) designation and have been helping people make better insurance decisions for more than a decade.

For business owners, I’ve helped business owners that have 20+ locations and 500 employees around the country, down to one man shops.

For homeowners, I helped people who own one home or many properties.

If you are wondering what types of insurance I can help with, I can help with business, home, auto, life, and umbrella insurance.

Most important though, can I help YOU?

The answer is YES.

Helping might be finding you a quality policy with a top rated company, or reviewing your current policy(s) and letting you know you are in a perfect spot, or telling you “I’m not the best fit, but here’s where you should try next.”

The point is, I can help you on your journey.  And I’m happy to.

You Should Know What A True Independent Insurance Agent Is.


We’re kind of like the “Best Buy,” of the insurance world (only better).

Just like Best Buy doesn’t manufacture TV’s, but they offer dozens of brands of TV’s, Independent Agents aren’t an insurance company, but we (Steve White Insurance Group) do represent dozens of them (and reputable ones).

That’s different, a lot of Agents only represent ONE company. You get what you get in that case.

You might be thinking “how are you better than the others?”

Because I’m very familiar with what is available in the insurance marketplace and know what to look for in your policy to see if things are missing or possibly needs to be removed.  Insurance policies are contracts, and the contracts are VERY different.  I can help you avoid COSTLY mistakes in setting up your insurance policies.

This mean we help you navigate and understand something that you’ve never been professionally trained to understand or navigate.

And then if you like what we find for you and decide to proceed, we don’t disappear. You have a trusted resource to help you along the way.


What Happens When You Work With Me?


First, you will be working with a local human.  You won’t find any robots or call center, fly by nights.  I know Texas, and KNOW Texas insurance.

Doesn’t matter if it’s for your business, your home and auto, or your life insurance, my first step is to listen to WHY you’re calling.

Then, if it makes sense, we can gather the necessary info needed to get your quotes (it makes the process WAY easier if you have all your policies handy before you call).

From there it shifts to shopping and talking with top rated insurance companies. (I only work with a carefully selected group of financially strong, reputable insurance companies)

Once there is a good option or two, I’ll reach back out send them your way.

I will NEVER hard sell you and you WILL leave more informed regardless of if we are good fit right now.

If you decide to switch, I will remain your agent as long as your continue to renew your policy.

That means you have personal help with any changes to your policy.

Ultimately, I want you to walk away knowing more about your insurance, paying less, and feeling like you have someone reliable in your corner.

The 3 Step Process

Hello, I’m Steve White

I am a proud Texan with a mission to help other Texans make better insurance choices. I want YOU to pay the least, get the most, and feel more informed.

The 3 Step Process 

To help simplify this for you, we have a 3 step process:

1. Discovery Phase – Gather some basic info, determine what you have currently, and look for ways to improve your coverage and/or reduce costs.

2. Quoting Phase – We carefully search through our network of high quality, vetted insurance companies, to find you the best option.

3. Delivery Phase –  We present you with the most competitive option(s), with some general recommendations.

From there, the next steps are up to you.  We never “hard sell” anyone.  We let you tell us what the next steps are and if or how fast you want to move with implementing our suggestions.

And the best part is,  after you’re signed up you have an industry professional in your corner when things come up.  Whether your needs change and you need a tweak to your policy,  a potential claim, or even a general insurance question, we are an ongoing resource we’re here to help you.

Thanks for visiting, and be sure to check out our various articles on common questions and problems people have regarding insurance and when you’re ready, give us a call or fill out one of our quick online quote forms.