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    Top 3 Ways To Reduce Your Home Insurance Premium

      3 STEPS TO LOWER HOME INSURANCE PREMIUMS This one is quick and simple. Coverage is always important, be it’s also great to get the most for your dollar.  So here are the top 3 way you can reduce cost and lower home insurance premiums. 1.  Improve Your Credit Score- Companies have been using insurance scores for

    Personal Umbrella Insurance

    Umbrella Policies- What in the World are They?

        UMBRELLA POLICIES EXPLAINED   A good way to think of an umbrella policy is like a goalie in soccer.  It’s there when all your defenders have been unable to stop the offense.  Your goalies’ job is to step up and keep the offense from scoring.  The umbrella policy performs a similar action, however its

    How Much Auto Liability Coverage Should You Carry?

      Q. How Much Auto Liability Coverage Should You Carry?    A.  Liability coverage protects your current assets as well as future earnings. If you cause damage to someone in your vehicle, you are responsible for the damages you cause. It’s important to understand that. YOU are responsible, not the insurance company. The insurance company only

    This Week’s Client Success Stories at SWI

    1. Saved a Texas business owner $2,800, while reducing deductibles from 10k to 1k. 2. Helped a business owner get required insurance to start his business. 3. Improved renters and auto insurance for a recent transplant to Texas. We would love for you to be our next success story! www.stevewhiteinsurance.com