Homeowners Insurance in Texas Has 5 Types Of Water Coverage (Here's how to tell what you have)

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Homeowners Insurance in Texas


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Not Knowing These Differences Cost This Austin Family $60,000!


–> Backup Sends 8,000 Gallons of Sewage Gushing Into Home <–


Make no mistake about it, whether it’s coverage, pricing, mandatory exclusions, deductible requirements, or dollar caps, homeowners insurance in Texas is different.  WAY different.

If you’re new to Texas you need to know, it’s WAY different than it is in other States (and we’re not just talking about price)

It’s also different, depending on where you live in Texas.

In other words, what’s true in Dallas, doesn’t hold True in Austin, and what’s true in Austin doesn’t hold true on the coast.  And there’s A LOT more cities and communities than that.

This may sound daunting, but trust me, you need to know this BEFORE it’s time to file a claim.




Let’s look at a few examples of how Homeowners Insurance in Texas is different across the State…


Let’s start with Dallas. In Dallas (really more like North Texas), you’re likely to find mandatory 1% or even 2% wind/hail deductibles (that’s 1-2% of the home’s insured value) with most companies, and the average price for a home insurance may be $1,700-$2,300 with a home insured value of $300,000.

In the Austin area that same policy may cost you less than $1,000, and have a wind/hail deductible of $1,000

On the coast you may be lucky finding wind/hail coverage at all without purchasing a separate policy.

And it’s possible that you would find rates as high as $4-5k in coastal Texas.

And that’s EXCLUDING wind/hail!

The difference in what’s available for homeowners insurance INSIDE Texas is significant.

But what about how Texas homeowners insurance varies from the rest of the country?’


And, how is Texas homeowners insurance different from the rest of the country?


First, you should know we can’t address all the ways that Texas policies will vary from other States.

Much of the list is always changing, which makes it impossible to capture it all.

Today, we’re only focusing on the MAJOR differences.


The major differences revolve around water damage.


Here’s How:


—>Texas homeowners insurance has 5 different types of water damage <—


Read that again, It’s THAT IMPORTANT!!!


In most States it’s 4,  the 5th type (continuous and repeated) is almost exclusively unique to Texas.


I’m betting you didn’t know that there were 4 much less 5 types of water damage, right?


Think about that, before you read that, (if you’re like most) you likely had no idea that homeowners insurance in Texas had that many types.

In fact, if you’re like many people, you might have a question like “does my policy cover flood damage?”

And you would be thinking that “flood” means type of water that damages your house.

I don’t blame you for thinking that (I did 20 years ago), but you couldn’t be more wrong.

But “flood,” has a VERY specific definition and it’s EXCLUDED.

There are other types like “sudden and accidental,” and “backup of sewers.”


I don’t drill down on them here, but when you’re ready to learn more, be sure to check out my free E-book

“3 Nasty Surprises,” below.


Texas Homeowners Insurance Surprises

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You might be wondering, WHY is home insurance in Texas SO different?


It boils down to what causes claims in an area.  The events that cause major claims in Texas are different than in much of the country, and the major events that cause claims in Dallas are different than what cause major claims in Austin or Houston.


Whether it’s a hurricane prone area on the coast, a region with clay soil (Dallas) vs loose dirt (South/Coastal) , or an area that gets hundreds of millions of dollars in wind/hail damage each year (North, Central, East Texas), what’s available for your homeowners insurance policy will depend on where your property is located.


Tying it all together (5 Types Below)


Unless you’re a licensed insurance professional, knowing all the differences is an impossible task, but knowing enough to know that there ARE difference and what a few of the major differences will forever help you make a better decision about your homeowners insurance in Texas.


The State of Texas even put together a website to outline them (bet you didn’t know that either…)

Check it out:

Smiling emoticon pointing down


–> OPIC | Texas Home Insurance Comparison Tool <–




Or you can check out the 5 types of water damage here:

Texas Homeowners Insurance Comparison Chart



Whether it’s us or another great independent Agent, your best bet is to get help.

There are some great Agents out there, but I’d love for you to consider us.



Here’s our process:


We know your home is important…Our 3 step process is designed to reflect that.



The 3 Step Process 


  1. Discovery Phase –Review your current policy, and look for ways to improve your coverage and/or reduce costs.

      • In this phase we also gather info that is specific to your individual circumstances (your recommendations will be tailored to you)
  1. Quoting Phase – We carefully search through our network of high quality, vetted insurance companies, to find you the best option.

  2. Delivery Phase – You are presented with the most competitive option(s), with your tailored recommendations.


From there, the next steps are up to you.  We never “hard sell” anyone.  When the time is right to move forward, we walk you through the steps of signing up, and canceling your current policy(s).

And the best part is, after you’re signed up you have an industry professional in your corner when things come up.  Whether your needs change and you need a tweak to your policy, discuss a potential claim, or have a general insurance question, we are an ongoing resource for after you sign up.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.


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Homeowners premiums and deductible option used in this were used as examples only and based on newer build homes, no claims, and good insurance score.  Your individual circumstances will dictate final rates and deductible options.

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