Document, take video, pictures, scan receipts…you’ll be glad you did.

One of the biggest surprises people have after a loss in their home or business is having to provide a list of the items that were lost or damaged.  This goes for home or business owners.

Most people couldn’t make a list of all those items out of memory.  The thing is, the more complete and detailed the list, the higher the payout will likely be for you. In addition to a higher payout, a little (very little) legwork now will save you hours if not days later.

This will take most people 10-15 minutes depending on the size of the house.  It will prove crucial and you will e glad you did this should you ever face a major loss.

1. Take pictures and video with your  phone of each room in your house and email them to multiple safe email addresses.

2. Email pics, receipts, descriptions, appraisals to your agent and have them attach to your file.

3. For more details, this site does a deeper dive: 

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