This one is quick and simple. Coverage is always important, be it’s also great to get the most for your dollar.  So here are the top 3 way you can reduce cost and lower home insurance premiums.

1.  Improve Your Credit Score- Companies have been using insurance scores for years.  Insurance scores are tied to credit scores. They aren’t going away in the foreseeable future, so the better your insurance score the better your premium.

2. Combine Your Home and Auto Insurance-  This is the largest discount that companies offer.  Take advantage of it.  More times than not this is the least costly way to set up your insurance.

3.  Keep Small Claims Off Your Record-  The idea here is that insurance works best with low frequency, high severity claims.  Often times the small claims impact your rates as much or near as much as the big ones. Many times you end up financing the small claims over the next few years and they end up costing you more than if you would have paid out of pocket without filing the claim.  That said, you need to be aware that in some circumstances not reporting a claim in a timely manner can mean you don’t have coverage when you need it.  Always work with your agent when you have potential claims.

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