OPIC (Office of Public Insurance Counsel)

Would you be upset to find out that your floor had rotted out from a slow, undetected water leak from within the wall or floor?   Would you be even more upset if you found out that it wasn’t covered under you home insurance policy?  How upset would you be to find out that your neighbors policy does cover that claim and they pay less than you.   Why?  Because your neighbor knows a little more about what’s available and they took the time to look for a policy with 2 types of water damage coverage.

Here Is What OPIC Can Do For You

Because TX home policies can differ greatly, TX made a website to help you be more informed.  It’s the consumer that is informed that get’s the most for their money.  If you have not heard of this before, we encourage you to ask why? We also encourage you to find an agent that will help you understand this and all your insurance needs.

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