Home & Auto Claims….How Long Do They Stay On Your Record?

In Texas, claims generally stay on your record for either 3 or 5 years.

Companies are filed with the state to look back in a time window of usually 35-60 months.

This means that rates can affect you for up to 5 years.

But the good news is that you get a “clean slate” every 3 to 5 years in TX depending on the company.

Should You File The Claim?

When possible, it’s best to consult with your agent prior to filing to go over pros and cons.  Often times filing smaller claims is more costly than paying out of pocket to fix repairs.

There is value that a good agent can bring beyond finding you good rates and coverage. A good agent will be also be able to factor in your claims history, deductible, life situations, and state of the insurance market to help you decide if filing a claim is the right decision which may help you keep unnecessary claims off your record.

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