Welcome Captive/Direct Agents

(Or Anyone Wanting to Know How to Be an Independent Agent)

If you’ve made it here, you may already know, insurance is a tough business…

It can be MISERABLE if you make a few bad decisions, but can be incredibly rewarding if you make a few good ones. For example this business can provide:

  • Ownership- Stop building someone else’s empire and start building yours
  • Residual income- that grows yearly (with your continued effort)
  • Time-  time to be with family, spend time with friends, or travel (it’s not overnight and takes work, but you can have more freedom and time if you play your cards right)
  • Stability–  this industry is always evolving, but there are many types of insurance that are required, people HAVE to have it.  And the more companies you can choose from the better chance you have at helping
  • Community help–  although in many circles insurance may not have a stellar reputation, but after nearly two decades, I can tell you that people do appreciate someone that knows their stuff and can help them.   You DO help others in this industry (in MANY ways)

Hi, I’m Steve,  a former adjuster, turned Captive Agent, turned top independent producer, turned Independent Agency Owner.

I know how hard this business can be. I have seen it from a lot of angles.

I remember finding realizing how little control we have over what we are tasked to sell and thinking how impossible that felt.

I realized early that THE ONLY way I was going to stay in this business was if I had options.  Finding prospects is hard enough, once you have them, if your company is way over priced or lacking in coverage…you just worked for free.

That’s not a sustainable model.

If you are a captive or direct Agent, looking to make the leap. Send me a note here.

I’m happy to help you along the journey.  I will give you:

  • Honest feedback
  • Real earnings expectations
  • The good, bad, and ugly that I’ve seen to help you make a better “next step.”

I will do this for you at no cost to you.

But here are my qualifiers:

  • You must be interested in owning your own Agency
  • You must be driven and have a work ethic that allows you to overcome and keep going on your own
  • You must be licensed in P&C in Texas
  • You must have enough capital to sustain on your own for a minimum of 12 months (the longer the better)

This is NOT an opportunity for employment.

This is an opportunity for you to build your own empire with a “shepherd” who’s been there.

If you meet these qualifiers, email me directly here: steve@stevewhiteinsurance.com to schedule a time to chat.

I look forward to meeting you.