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Are Pools Covered Under Homeowners Insurance?

  ARE POOLS COVERED? There definitely can be coverage for your swimming pool in your homeowners insurance policy.   With just a little prep work and a discussion or two with your Agent, you can be clear about what it available for you.   Where You Should Start   You should start with an understanding

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Replacement Cost – What does it mean? (& why YOU should care)

Why You Should Know If You Have Replacement Cost You should know if you have replacement cost coverage, because not knowing could easily mean the difference in thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in payout to you at claims time. The term gets used a lot (both in and outside

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A Few Small Tweaks Can Change Your Insurance For the Better (Forever)

  3 Ways To Pay Less & Get More Out Of Your Insurance There are 3 simple  ways to pay less and get more for your insurance. But before you proceed you should keep this one principle in mind. This is a fundamental principle that we should all be taught in school (but most aren’t).

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Are All Texas Homeowner’s Insurance Policies The Same?

Are All Texas Homeowner’s Insurance Policies The Same?   Short answer is,  NO (not by a long shot) Texas homeowners insurance policies are NOT the same.  There are significant differences, that are expensive if you get it wrong (but getting it right is easier than you think). Let’s take a few quick (easy) minutes to

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Texas Homeowners Insurance Rates | No Longer #1 In The Nation

Texas Homeowners Insurance Rates- How Does Texas Stack Up in 2013?   For many years Texas had the highest homeowners insurance rates in the nation.  This was due to the number of wind and hail storms that cause property damage and the population density throughout TX. According To the Dallas Morning News “Florida and Louisiana now

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DWELLING COVERAGE | The First Number On Your Home Policy (It’s first for a reason)

    Why You NEED to KNOW The First Number On Your Home Policy (It’s first for a reason) DWELLING COVERAGE   Here’s What You Need To Know: That number is called dwelling coverage.  This is the number that your house insured for. It’s not related to market or resale value of your home. It’s