Texas Home Insurance | Not All Areted Equal

Make no mistake, Texas home insurance policies are not all the same.

There a several very important coverage options available in Texas home policies that are not available in the rest of the country.

Understanding these differences is not near a difficult as you might think. In 5-10 minutes you can be much more informed about these crucial differences.

For example, did you know that Texas policies can offer two types different of water damage coverage?  And that many include only coverage for leaks you find in a short period of time.

There are plenty of policies available that offer coverage for both types of water damage including slow leaking pipes that you don’t find right away.Here is the real surprise though….the policies that offer better coverage are many times less expensive. Yes, that’s right, a better policy for less. How is that possible though?

Companies pricing in today’s market is based on a lot factors, your insurance score (tied to your credit score), the location of the property, age, size, construction type, build out of property, and claims history of the property and/or owner. There are many times that an insurance company with a far inferior policy is actually more expensive because the combination of these factors does not match their target market.

If you have never heard that, you aren’t alone. Your understanding of this though, is your key to making better decisions on your home & auto insurance.