The Most Important Consideration on Your Auto Policy

The Most Important Consideration on Your Auto Policy

  Liability, Liability, Liability! When talking about the dreaded “auto insurance,” the term “liability” often gets thrown around , but what does liability really mean and why is it so important that you know exactly what it means?  And what limits of liability coverage should you carry? LIABILITY DEFINED (Lehman’s terms) You cause an accident in which you are

Considering A Lease Back Option On Thurchase Of Your New Home? Here’s What You Need To Know…

If you are about to purchase a home and are considering leasing it back current owner, be sure you discuss your intentions with your insurance agent. Companies will have varying stances in what they can accommodate, and from the consumers stand point, you want to be sure your policy will respond appropriately. Executing a “lease-back”

This Week’s Client Success Stories at SWI

1. Saved a Texas business owner $2,800, while reducing deductibles from 10k to 1k. 2. Helped a business owner get required insurance to start his business. 3. Improved renters and auto insurance for a recent transplant to Texas. We would love for you to be our next success story!