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Insurance Myths Vol. 1 (Agents Control Rates)

MYTH #1- Agents Control Rates Question: Why are quotes from the same company different from different agents?  There is no one answer to this, however understanding the insurance market and pricing will give you an edge as an informed consumer. Most important to be aware of is home and auto rates in TX are filed

The National Alliance Congratulates Steve White

                            The National Alliance Congratulates Steve White, Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) From the National Alliance (www.scic.com) The National Alliance congratulates Steve White for attaining the designation of CIC—Certified Insurance Counselor. By earning and maintaining the CIC designation, Steve has demonstrated professional competence

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Are All Texas Homeowner’s Insurance Policies The Same?

Are All Texas Homeowner’s Insurance Policies The Same?   Short answer is,  NO (not by a long shot) Texas homeowners insurance policies are NOT the same.  There are significant differences, that are expensive if you get it wrong (but getting it right is easier than you think). Let’s take a few quick (easy) minutes to

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60 second answers | Home & Auto Claims | How Long Do They Stay on Your Record

Home & Auto Claims….How Long Do They Stay On Your Record? In Texas, claims generally stay on your record for either 3 or 5 years. Companies are filed with the state to look back in a time window of usually 35-60 months. This means that rates can affect you for up to 5 years. But

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60 SECOND ANSWERS | I Have General Liability Coverage For My Business, I’m Covered! Don’t Be So Sure…

I Have General Liability Coverage For My Business, I’m Covered! Don’t Be So Sure…     Many business owners think that a general liability policy is their end all be all savior for claims against their company. What many fail to realize is that for the most part, general liability policies are inherently, well…pretty restrictive.  Mostly, a

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13 Factors That Will ALWAYS Affect Your Texas Home & Auto Insurance Rates

13 Factors That Affect Your Texas Home & Auto Insurance Rates (Some You Can Fix, Some You Can’t)     There are many factors that affect your insurance rates (up & down) each year.  Most important for you, is to know which of those you can control so you can maximize your efforts to improve

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Why You Should Look For An Agent That Is A CIC (Certified Insurance Counselor)?

    If you are wanting the to easily identify a quality Agent, one GREAT place to start is to find an Independent Agent that is a CIC.   The CIC (Certified Insurance Counselor) designation is a national designation program developed by the National Alliance.  A CIC is recognized throughout the industry as someone who has

You Need To Be Able To Document Your Belongings After a Loss

Document, take video, pictures, scan receipts…you’ll be glad you did. One of the biggest surprises people have after a loss in their home or business is having to provide a list of the items that were lost or damaged.  This goes for home or business owners. Most people couldn’t make a list of all those

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Jewelry Coverage- Schedule the Important Stuff

    So How Do You Do This? You have a home policy and you automatically assume if someone steals your wife’s wedding ring and the antique jewelry grandma passed down to her, that it’s covered.  Well possibly, but probably not for what your hoping for. Most home policies (large majority) have very limited jewelry coverage built

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Texas Homeowners Insurance Rates | Why So Expensive?

Texas Homeowners Insurance Rates- How Does Texas Stack Up in 2015?   For many years Texas has had the highest homeowners insurance rates in the nation. This was due to the number of wind and hail storms that cause property damage and the population density throughout TX. According To the Dallas Morning News “Florida and Louisiana