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Rates go up and down and are based on many factors, too many to list in a single format.  But here are 11 factors that can affect your personal insurance rates:

  1. Your credit score
  2. Your location (zip code)
  3. Age of house
  4. Size of the house
  5. Age of roof
  6. Combining your insurance with one company
  7. Age of HVAC/heating system
  8. Number of claims
  9. Large weather events from the recent past (effect everyone’s rates)
  10. Married or single
  11. What’s going on in the stock market (many companies invest premiums and rates can be affected by the returns on their investments)

Rates fluctuate based on these and other factors and can change drastically (up or down) year over year.   To help you have solid coverage and competitive pricing, we recommend working with a good independent agent that can offer multiple solutions for your insurance.

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